Hello! Welcome to my little corner of the internet! Here you will find my online junk drawer for art, ramblings, and things I enjoy, among other things. This site may contain unfinished pages and broken links — currently under construction!

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2/28/24: small list of updates!

  • tweaked the general layout!
  • added a media log!
  • added a new button!
  • Next up...making a webring? (We'll see!)

    2/5/24: it has been a bit since I wrote a proper update! Well, here's one for ya — I started school again and have not been coding much recently, but I have poked around here and there making minor adjustments to this site. One page I have made recently that I'm quite proud of is my TMA shrine! Go over and check it out! Eventual site goals still include things such as a proper art gallery and more shrines, but I'll get to those...eventually.

    12/28/23: yesterday I added a scrapbook/journal page which I think turned out really cool! My next goal for this site is accessibility. Goals for site that I'll be poking at in the coming days:

    • add alt text to all images (done!)
    • play/pause gif button to toggle gif-heavy pages (such as the about page) - couldn't get script to work, opted for details section instead
    • font toggle? I think there's a way to do this. Need to poke around and find out more

    • 12/24/23: site is slooowly coming together! Recent updates include: joined some fanlistings, applied to a few webrings, and added a whole bunch of fics to my writing page. I'm on vacation currently for the holidays, so I'm doing my best to just relax and get some low-stakes creative work done. Happy holidays!

      11/17/23: I decided that this site needed some serious retcon as I wasn't in love with the old layout and it *still* didn't work on mobile. So instead of trying to beat the hell out of that thing until it worked, we're trying something new! I think I'm enjoying this a lot more; I really love the old over the top websites with a thousand god-awful gifs and flashing images, and while I want to keep this thing within reason (re: doesn't give me a migraine), I'm trying to have a bit more fun with it.

      Next order of business is to update all my old pages to the same formatting, so keep an eye out for that...soon! I'd really like to add a music player at some point too, but I can't get the js for pre-programmed ones to work yet, so it'll probably take a bit more time... We're making progress!

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